SAFARI PUZZLE is a fantasy puzzle game set in a rich forest, home to a wide variety of cute and diverse animals. Each animal possesses unique skills based on their attributes, and players can explore the mystical forest while solving puzzles alongside them.

The game is simple, making it accessible for even the busiest players to enjoy during their spare time. Furthermore, owning characters grants access to rewards for playing and completing the quest.

SAFARI PUZZLE offers players both addictive gameplay and the distinctive Play and Earn opportunities that can only be experienced in blockchain gaming.

■Expansion in the Gaming Industry■

The gaming industry saw rapid growth due to the emergence of GameFi and guilds.

In fact, 29(72.5%) out of the top 40 companies by market capitalization are exploring opportunities in the Web3 space, and even the major game publishers with large user communities such as Take-Two Interactive, Nexon, Bandai Namco, and Konami Holdings are actively developing blockchain games, leading to a promising market expansion. *According to CoinGecko

SAFARI PUZZLE is an NFT game that applies blockchain technology to offer users the opportunity to enjoy and earn through Play and Earn.

■Growth Potential of SAFARI PUZZLE■

Despite being pre-release, SAFARI PUZZLE has already attracted a passionate community of over 50,000 members from more than 10 countries, and the community continues to grow.

We are committed to expanding the community's reach while advancing to bring the joy of gameplay and Play and Earn experiences to a global audience.

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